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Innovative Projects2021-22

As per the new CBCS curriculum design plan, the concept of Innovative Projects, a 2 credit course have been introduced in the new syllabi, to meet high standards in the education policy. This initiative provides an excellent opportunity for fresh undergraduate students to build their innovative ideas using Arduino and Raspberry-pi. Innovative projects is an excellent platform for the students to interact with other Departments students to enhance their research abilities and encourage interdisciplinary projects. The plan allows the students to make their own choice of group members and a faculty advisor and thus utilizing intensive laboratory facilities, curriculum training and material. This Strategical plan ensures that the students can gain the knowledge through participatory learning process to solve many real time technology relevant problems and hence make each student Industry ready.

Lab facility to develop innovative projects at Presidency University

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Our Projects

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Radar System Using Arduino

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Automatic Fish Feeder

To design Automatic Fish Feeder and to ensure an accurate amount of fish pellets to be dispensed at predetermined time.

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Bluetooth Controlled Car Using Arduino

Apart from Arduino, which is the main controlling module of the project, there are two other important modules that you have to be familiar with in order to implement the Bluetooth Controlled Robot project.

Our Team

Innovative Project Coordinator: Dr. M.S. Divya Rani, Assistant Professor, Dept. of ECE

Teaching Learning Center Coordinator: Mr. Asif Mohammed, Assistant Professor, Dept. of CSE

Cordinators From Different Departments
# Name of the Coordinators Department
1 Dr. Deepak S Sakkari, Assistant Professor CSE
2 Dr. Deepjyoti Mech, Assistant Professor PET
3 Dr. Puneeth S. B, Assistant Professor ECE
4 Mr. Mohammed Mujeer Ulla, Assistant Professor CSE
5 Mr. Raghavendra T S, Assistant Professor CSE
6 Mr. Rupam Bhagawati, Assistant Professor CSE
7 Mr. Bishakh Paul, Assistant Professor EEE
8 Mr. Ajay Kumar Mishra, Assistant Professor MECH
9 Mr. Ajay H A, Assistant Professor CE
10 Mr. Vishwanath Desai, Lab Instructor CSE